My Rookie Mistake during Prelaunch of Our Site

Our website went live today! But let me tell about the Rookie Mistake I made during my prelaunch.... The craziest part of this story is that I work in Software Development and have been involved in release testing for major platform releases. Last night I published our site and checked it from my cell phone for the first time; what a rookie mistake. For months now I have been doing all my testing from my MAC and never thought about testing the mobile view, man did I drop the ball on this. As soon as I pull the site up on my phone I realize that the mobile view is broken and it requires some coding to fix. This is all happening at night while my wife and I are watching the Brandy vs Monica Verzuz; and our site is scheduled to officially launch in less than 12hours.  I spent the next 5 hours trying to find a Shopify Developer that can fix our site and get it done before our site was scheduled to launch. This mistake was avoidable and added unnecessary stress, expenses that someone with my background shouldn't have made. Another lesson learned and We are LIVE!!!